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Smart Data – New opportunities for the sports industry?

Four Four Two Statzone by Opta

One of the hottest topics in 2013 surely was the talk about Big Data. New technological solutions enable companies to dig deep into the data they collect via their various touchpoints, including apps, websites or other platforms. Sport fans belong to the most passionate lovers of new technology – and vice versa the sport industry has begun to fully grasp the potential of Big Data for their businesses. Therefore, for the third time running, the Medienlotse will host a session on the 18th of February at 7.30pm at the Macromedia Hochschule für Medien und Kommunikation (Gertrudenstraße 5, U/S-Bahn Jungfernstieg, Rathaus, HbF) during the Hamburg Social Media Week in February 2014.

Together with guests from the data mining, betting and sports industry the Medienlotse aims to provide detailed insights into the sport/big/smart data business. One of the key obstacles to interpreting data are our own assumptions. Only if we know what were are looking for, data might help us to create new services or products. On the other hand, sports data has been around for years, when looking at the performance sector.

Opta Germany CEO Dirk Ifsen will give a detailed insight in how his company works and has become the sole data provider for the German Bundesliga and the most important national media brands. Hence new products and services for fans are likely – but what do we want and how might they look like? Additionally, LTE or Wi-Fi connections became the new standard for venues and stadiums  and talk about the usage of augmented reality in a sports environment has increased in the last months.

Further speakers will be announced soon.

You can already save the direct link to the session here
Check again for further details about livestream and stream archive.

The application starts Monday, 15th of January. Make sure to book in advance, because the space is limited.  Also check the programme for other sport related topics at the MHMK for the same date.

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