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What’s Jan up to in 2022?

What’s Jan up to in 2022?
+++ The “Never stop learning”-issue +++

Since 2017 I have been writing a few lines to my private and professional contacts on my birthday (44thiteration today). The feedback has been great throughout the years and I’d very much like to continue this little tradition in 2022!

Back in Beta
I knew it all along – one day I’d return to the Betahaus Hamburg as a member. In 2011 I launched my freelance label “Der Medienlotse” there – and after 3,5 years at the Logistics-Initiative I’m back as my own boss! I’ve been asked several times now “What exactly are you doing?” Well, I’m a (digital) project manager! My services cover the different life stages of a project – from conceptualizing and marketing the start to managing the progress while embracing new technological possibilities like Sensor Fusion, Blockchain or Drones.

Back at Uni 🧑🏼‍
Until the end of February 2022 I will support the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences with 80% of my time as a project coordinator for a project on food security and blockchain. Together with 43 partners from 7 European countries we are putting together a 45-page proposal and hope to win the 10 Mio € “Horizon Europe” grant. My department deals with Computer Security and although this is not exactly my graduation topic (which was History and Politics), it is great to “never stop learning” even more about sensors, coding languages and – of course – meeting new people!

Before this decade is out 🪲
I’ve already written about the climate emergency in last year’s edition. I would like you to take a good look at the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the UN and think a) what you can personally contribute to one of the goals and b) what your organisation and colleagues could achieve together. Since the pandemic, E-Commerce has boomed and that’s why Daniel, Marc, Matthias and me launched “Green Credits”. The app (to be available soon) helps you to discover the different sustainable logistics options consumers can already request and synchronises these settings with your favourite shops. We hope to assemble as many consumers as possible, so we can nudge the logistics providers and retailers to create new and more sustainable logistics options.

When we meet…
Either online or in real – I’d like to learn more about your new cool project/ideas or just talk randomly about blockchain, kids, SDGs, family, sensors and holidays (just answer this mail and we’ll find a slot)!