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What’s Jan up to in 2024?

What’s Jan up to in 2024?
+++ The e-commerce issue +++

Hello everyone,

I trust this message finds you in good spirits. Today marks my 46th birthday, and it’s a pleasure to take a moment to share my aspirations for 2024 with all of you, my esteemed connections.

🚀 Continuing to Never Stop Learning with Possehl Group:

I’m delighted to announce that in 2024, I’ll be further expanding my skillset with Possehl Online Solutions. Collaborating closely with the management team, product owners, and developers in Germany and Croatia, I’m dedicated to launching eCommerce solutions for our valued clients in the machinery industry. I see myself as a vital bridge between our clients and the development team, facilitating meetings, managing tickets, and nurturing user stories.

🌟 eCommerce Junior in the Making:

Some of you may have already noticed that my son, who’s turning 9 soon, has embarked on his own online venture (CP2). He’s selling his digital artwork, music, and stories, and he’s even taken the initiative to create and distribute flyers among our family, friends and classmates. In 2024, we have exciting plans to introduce new products, including custom-designed shirts. We’re also keen on improving our conversion rate, and perhaps your insights could be invaluable in this endeavor…?

📚 What I’ve Learned So Far…
I’m truly grateful for the incredible people I’ve had the privilege to work with and meet through my professional journey. They’ve played a pivotal role in helping me sharpen my soft skills, which in turn have had a profound impact on my roles as a facilitator, innovation driver, and project manager:

• Simone: Taught me the importance of meticulous event preparation and the sheer joy of watching it all come to life.

• Torsten: Demonstrated the art of maintaining politeness and a friendly demeanor even in the most demanding and high-pressure situations.

 Sascha: Showed me the power of opening up one’s personal core, unlocking fresh insights, and harnessing them for personal and professional growth.

• Louisa: Instilled in me the value of strategic thinking, advocating for a step-by-step approach to navigate complex challenges.

These valuable lessons and experiences have been instrumental in shaping my personal and professional journey, and I’m excited to continue growing and learning alongside all of you.

🤝 Let’s Connect:

If these e-mail resonates with you or if you’d simply like to catch up, I’d love to connect, whether it’s online or in person. Please feel free to drop me an email or reach out on BlueSky, Mastodon, or LinkedIn. Thank you for being part of my professional network, and I look forward to connecting with you soon. Together, we can make great things happen in 2024!

Warm regards,