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What’s Jan up to in 2023?

What’s Jan up to in 2023?

+++ The project & product issue +++

Today is my 45th birthday and, as in previous years, I take this opportunity to tell you, dear family, friends and network, about my plans for 2023, which has just begun.

Projects, products and facilitation 💻
Around this time last year I was working as a project coordinator and busy finishing the Horizon Europe proposal (“Fishchain”) with the HAW Hamburg. Currently I am working several days per week for the Vaillant Group, one of the world’s leading suppliers of heat pumps, digital services and efficient gas-fired boilers. Together with the communications team and the IT department we are working on the further development of the intranet. My role is to help with topics like facilitation, product development and project management.

Consulting for the coming decades ⌨️
Together with Sascha I am building X-Volution, where we accompany companies to develop highly effective use cases with the help of emerging technologies like blockchain, quantum computing and artificial intelligence. We are convinced that only the use case centered-approach will drive digitalization and digitation among a large number of people and companies. X-Volution itself is part of an even bigger network which is called A-Volution – go check it out!

Only the good 🌳
Do you sometimes wish to act more responsible for your immediate environment and at least do your shopping in a sustainable way? Since 2020 we are working on this idea with “Green Credits” and completed our MVP last year (which resulted in a pivot). In the future, you should be able to go to our website and search for whatever product you like. Our solution will make it easy for you to pick the most sustainable shop or logistics provider. I’d appreciate it very much if you could spread the word towards young logistics companies, shop owners or even investors.

Let’s meet 🙋🏻‍♂️
You’ve read the newsletter and know what’s coming: If you like, let’s meet (online or in real life). Just drop me an e-mail or give me a ping on Twitter, Mastodon or Linkedin.