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Just can’t get enough – Social, Sport and Business

Today, the second edition of the worldwide Social Media Week will start in Hamburg. Like last year, the Medienlotse is hosting a session about Social Media and sports. This article will give you more insights on the outline of “What’s the next best thing for sport fans?” on Feb, 20th, 7.30pm (CET). You can claim your free seat up to one hour before the session kick-off.

Together with co-host Benjamin Stoll over 60 registered visitors from sport clubs, sport federation and sport marketers will welcome the international sport marketing experts Alan Seymour (Senior Sport Marketing Lecturer at the University of Northampton), Brian Gainor (Director of Strategy & Analytics at Freshwire, 30under30, NFL, NFL Europe) and Oscar Ugaz (Regional Project Director Phantasia Wunderman. Former Digital Business Manager Real Madrid C.F).

To turn the Social Media Week truly social, the Medienlotse is offering this session in the format of a Google+ Hangout on Air, which is worldwide accessible for free. Another opportunity brings the Social Media Week Livestream. All events from the venue University Hamburg, Raum 221, Flügel Ost will be streamed live. In combination with the Twitter hashtag #smwsport, non-physical attendees will find numerous possibilities to join the session online.

Topic-wise, the session is clustered around four points:

1. Mobile and LBS
– How can sport institutions retain the costs for upgrading to digital connectivity?
– Second screen usage in stadiums – Best practise, Do’s & Dont’s, Outlook
– How to provide benefits and make money out of mobile services?
– Is mobile Onground entertainment just a trend or the killer feature for clubs in the future?

2. Big Data / Datatainment
– How important are CRM systems for the business performance of sport clubs / organizations?
– What are the challenges in terms of the set up of CRM systems for sports ortganizations?
– What can sport clubs get out of big data?
– Will new services (+ current poor stadium connectivity) drive the fans out of the venues?

3. Fan Engagement: Social & technical trends
– Video/ Club TV – Must Have or Nice to Have?, ROI? Distribution? Paid or Free?
– Social Media Channels – Must Have or Nice to Have?, ROI? Trends?
– Opportunities: NFC / Mobile Payment
– Engagement strategies for global fan audience – digital membership passes etc.

4. Strategy / Positioning
– Positioning of sports club an entertainment brands in a global digital age?
– Old school communication vs. curation of fan content / experiences
– How can clubs control and educate the Social Media behavior of their players?
– How can the classical innovators dilemma be solved in the sport business?



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