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Don’t hate the media, be the media!

Being a football fan is hard sometimes, especially, when your favourite club isn’t belonging to the top teams in the eye of the media. Here in Germany, back-to-back champions Borussia Dortmund and – of course – Bayern Munich claim all the headlines and most of the coverage. Even when Schalke facecd my fav team – Hannover 96 – in one of only two live matches in free TV, hosts ARD had nothing better to do than to start their coverage with a piece on Pep Guardiolas move to Munich. Being only a bit prejudiced on this topic, the Medienlotse says: Don’t hate the media, be the media!

Hating the media is a waste of time. They won’t change, unless you start working for them and fight your way up the ranks. Although I like the idea of more Hannover 96 among the top editorial staffs in print, online or tv – this isn’t going to work and will waste a lot of time. If you are really dissatisfied with media coverage, you should start thinking about becoming your own reporter. If you want to share your private thoughts you might start a blog, if you are a sport club or other community seeking more publicity, you are likely to tend to Twitter or Facebook.

(Disclaimer: The Medienlotse helps his clients understand the digital shift and works with them on storytelling, content architecture and digital concepts). The good news is: You only need to write, the rest will be done by clever algorithms or code. But it is never too start coding, so you have the chance to master your preferred social networks or services any given time. Being the media is hard work. You won’t find fans or followers in an instant and the more clear your covered topic is, the better you are recognizable and rememberable for the outer world.

But please do not get greedy. You might want to add online ads or sell shirts and other merchandise in return for your effort. But whether it’s a cleaner neighborhood, more members for your sport club or your candidancy for a public office – never lose the core of your cause!

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